Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday - Galatians 1 - The Source of the Gospel



 man is delusional if he thinks Christianity is a religion derived and contrived by human authors (like the rest of the world's religions). Biblical Christianity is a divine revelation. It’s not a superstition; not a substitution; not just a philosophy; not a manufactured system of morals and rituals. In every false religion, what you have is a god made by men; an invented god. In Christianity we have a God who made us (Genesis 2:7 & John 1:1-3). 

As one of the foremost ministers of the gospel in all history, the apostle Paul made it very clear that he did not obtain his soteriology from human sources, but from the very Christ of God Himself (vs. 11-12). God both called Paul to be His messenger, and He gave him the message (as well as a clear understanding of that message). Not that there is anything wrong with getting the truth from a secondary source. The Galatians had obtained the good news of salvation from human instruments, just like most of the rest of us. Of course, somewhere along the way they got distracted (vs. 6).


If the good news of salvation was only a feel-good perspective (intended to help us cope with the pains of reality) then we might well seek for a better system somewhere. We might listen to other perspectives with an open mind and an uncondemning spirit. But that's not right. Nobody except Christ has ever died for your sins & mine. He alone has purchased our souls' redemption.  Paul was called by God to proclaim the gracious news of rescue and deliverance through Christ. And this Paul did faithfully. So too should we.

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