Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wednesday - Acts 27 - Shipwrecked




AUL'S last journey through the Mediterranean world was quite a bit different than his first three trips. As a prisoner, he was placed on a boat & sent toward Rome, Italy. There were several landmarks & ports where Paul & his keepers (along with other prisoners) stopped. Along the way the Spirit told Paul that the next leg of their voyage would be a dangerous one (vs. 10). Paul warned his keepers that this was the case, but they did not listen (vs. 21).  As a result, the ship was overtaken by a great storm.

Again, the Spirit put Paul in a position of influence (as he prophesied concerning the next occurrence). Their ship was going to be broken up. They were going to sink. But Paul also assured everyone that they would survive – which they did.


Paul was a witness for God even in this horrible circumstance; or maybe we should say "especially in this difficult circumstance." He prayed publicly. He spoke the truth. He expressed his faith in God. He boldly intervened with authority (even though he was just a prisoner). Paul demonstrated unmistakably the Spirit's precious presence in his life as he interacted with the various groups who sailed with him. The sailors, the soldiers, the prisoners: it made no difference to Paul. He understood the value of every soul.

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