Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday - Romans 5 - Victory Belongs to Us (part)



OMANS 1-4 laid a strong foundation of reality for us. Humans are depraved. Apart from God's grace, we are all in a hopeless condition. No religious ritual and no standard of morality can be enough to obtain our acceptability with God.  What more can be said about that?  Now, Roman 5 - 7 presents a glorious portrait of our potential in Christ. Previously we’ve read that no sinner has an excuse that is good enough to circumvent God's holy justice. Now we read that there is no saint who can produce an acceptable excuse concerning why we don't have spiritual victory.


Truly marvelous are the glorious possessions of God's children. Through faith in Christ we have obtained peace with God. Our relationship with Him has been reconciled. We have a secure position. We are the recipients a real joy. We now look forward to the full glory of God, which will come. Our current plight is of little consequence as we consider our future. Grace reigns in us. We wear a robe of righteousness that will not be taken away from us. Salvation is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction with eternal benefits. We are on the winning side. We're in. Hallelujah!