Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesday - Romans 8 - The Blessing of His Spirit



HIS chapter is a description, not a demand (vs. 4). Paul is declaring our situation. He is not giving us the means whereby we might improve or secure our situation. So, the fact that we walk in the Spirit is universal among believers, right? Yes (vs. 9 & 14)! The context of this chapter demands this interpretation. Some people take Romans 8:1 conditionally. That is, if you and I live in submission to the Holy Spirit then we will be ok, but if we don't then we will be in trouble. Truly there are plenty of verses in the New Testament that can be used legitimately (and in their context) to teach that truth, but that is not the point of Romans 8.  Especially since the word "condemnation" is used here, a preacher should be very hesitant trying to apply Romans 8:1 conditionally to the redeemed (vs. 33-34). We are free. Free from the law; there's no condemnation (vs. 2)!


Now, while we do have to wait for our full inheritance, we do not have to wait for the Spirit of God. The Spirit is with us and in us now and helps us continually (vs. 26-27). His infinite wisdom serves to orchestrate every minute detail in our current life in such a way that, in the end, our Father will receive pleasure – and we will receive blessing (Jude 1:24 & Romans 8:28). He knows everything. He knows us. He knows the will of the Father. He knows the process of our sanctification. He is on our side. His effectual love for us is infinite and sure. Our future is secure (Romans 8:29-39). Hallelujah!

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