Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday - Acts 25 - Paul before Festus



HEN Porcius Festus took over the governorship of Caesarea from Felix, Paul stood before him for yet another trial. The details of this trial are not included in this text, but it is rather clear that the proceedings followed along the same lines as had the previous trial under Felix's eyes. However, in this case, Festus moved to take Paul back to Jerusalem for another trial there. Paul resisted this motion and instead demanded that he be allowed to stand before Caesar for trial in Rome. As a Roman citizen, he had this right. Festus agreed.


In the intervening time, King Agrippa came to see Festus. Paul was brought before Agrippa by Festus so that Agrippa could help him to know what to write to Caesar.  As things stood, Festus didn't have much of a reason to give to Caesar concerning Paul's detention. Ironically, once Agrippa had heard Paul's case, Festus would end up with even less of a reason to send Paul to Rome.


It is evident that God was bringing a steady stream of sinners before Paul so that he could continually give the gospel & true doctrine to them. The general population in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin court, Claudius Lysias, many Roman soldiers, Felix, Tertullus, Drusilla, Porcius Festus, the principle men of the city of Caesarea, King Agrippa, & Bernice: all of these people (& many others) were exposed to Paul's testimony while he was a prisoner. And, we have only just begun this account of Paul's last journey.


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