Monday, June 22, 2020

Monday - Romans 7 - Victory Belongs to Us (part 3)



ECAUSE God has decreed that the price of sin is death, then death is the solution for sin. It is the cure. The only two options are our death or Christ's. The death of God has accomplished something that may at first seem to be a little strange. His death has brought about great freedom and victory (in the life a believer). According to Paul (Colossians 2:14), the Law of Moses – which condemned us – was nailed to the cross of Christ.


Paul is careful to point out that the problem with the law was not the law itself. The problem is in us. The problem is our fallen condition. The old law reflects the perfect holiness of Jehovah. But it also exposes the tragic imperfectability of fallen men. The good thing about the law is that it humbles us to recognize our desperate need for a Savior & Master (Gal. 3:24 & Romans 7:7). And, having arrived at the cross, we are now free from the law (Gal. 3:25).


Paul's old sin nature gave him fits just like yours and mine does. We know that he considered himself to be the chief of sinners (1st Tim. 1:12-15).  Yet his words in Romans 5-7 are all about victory for believers. The message is "We have been saved, and we CAN live like it (2nd Tim. 2:19)!" Our victory comes "through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 7:25).  God, who saved us by faith, is now willing to energize our fellowship with Him by that same faith (Gal. 3:2-3).


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