Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday - Ezekiel 46 - Kingdom Sacrifices

T is reasonable for us to be presently puzzled by all of these sacrifices that will be carried on during the Millennial Kingdom. Christ suffered and died once and for all, so why a revival of animal sacrifices (Hebrews 9:13-14 & 10:1-4)? Perhaps I've not stated clearly enough yet that these sacrifices (which are yet future) will point back to the cross just as the sacrifices in the Old Testament pointed forward to it. In a post-Eden world that will be as near to perfect as is possible (while still allowing for freewill in the hearts of mortal humans), these sacrifices will be essential teaching tools to show the horror of sin and the holy justice of God. Men, women, boys and girls will still need to be saved during the age of the kingdom of God. The activities at the temple will contribute greatly to this evangelistic program.

In this chapter, it is noteworthy how many parallels there are to stuff from the Pentateuch. Notice the importance of Saturday; the Sabbath day (Ezekiel 46:1 & Exodus 35:2). Beyond that, you will find the ministry of the priests, burnt offerings, peace offerings, sin offerings, trespass offerings, morning sacrifices, solemn feasts, national worship, laws of inheritance, years of liberty, the retention of family property and even slavery. All of these things will exist during the millennial kingdom! This should tell us that things during the kingdom will be just as real as they are today, and that there is still much which we do not know about how lives will be lived on earth during the reign of Christ.

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