Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday - Ezekiel 43 - The Return of God's Glory

ACK in Ezekiel 10:18-19 & 11:23 we read of the official removal of God's glory from Solomon's temple.  It has not yet returned. Now we read of the return of God's glory, this time to the millennial temple (Ezekiel 43:2, 4-5). And, this time, when the glory returns, it will return never again to depart (Ezekiel 43:7 & 9). God's glory represents His approving presence. His glory was taken away because of the sins of His people. It will be restored in tandem with the repentance of His people.

With repentance always comes sacrifice. It is fitting then that the altar is described here more particularly (Ezekiel 43:13-17). Following an outline of the dimensions of the main altar of sacrifice is a list of rules for sacrifice, or more precisely, for the commencement of sacrificing (Ezekiel 43:18-27).  There aren't as many details given here as were originally given in Exodus 29 concerning the hallowing of the original Tabernacle, but the parallels are significant. We should assume that the Jews who will construct this millennium temple will (understand) and follow the blueprint that we plowed through in Ezekiel 40-42, and that they will follow this commencement ritual exactly at the dedication of this place.

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