Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday - Daniel 5 - The First Fall of Babylon

HERE is no doubt that the greatest prophecies in the Bible about the fall of Babylon were not written just in reference to this story. There were prophecies about this event (Isaiah 13:17), but greater Babylon still thrives today as a worldwide economic, philosophical, humanistic, hedonistic and political system.  It will not fall until the end of the coming seven-year Tribulation Period. There is one distinct parallel between this historic event as recorded in Daniel 5 and the future event spoken of in Revelation 18:2: old Babylon fell very quickly – so also will the fall of greater Babylon be quick and unexpected (Isaiah 47:9 & 11).

Nebuchadnezzar is dead & gone before we get to Daniel 5. Obviously, some years had passed. Belshazzar is king & Daniel is somewhat older. Belshazzar was partying like there was no tomorrow. Actually, for him there wasn't! And, in their drunken orgy, the Babylonian aristocrats were desecrating the fine vessels which many years before had been brought out of Jerusalem from the temple of Jehovah. As they drank, God sent a miraculous message to them. The message was specifically directed at the emperor.  Fingers were seen writing on the wall of the banquet hall. Only after Daniel was called were the words understood: "God has numbered your kingdom, & finished it. You are weighed in the balances & are found wanting.  Your kingdom is divided & given to the Medes & Persians." 

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