Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday - Ezekiel 37 - Sticks and Bones; Alive and Whole

HIS is one of the simpler chapters in the book of Ezekiel – and most interesting. God showed Ezekiel a valley full of the bones of dead men. Theses bones represented the dead nation of Israel. The resurrection of these bones obviously represented the rebirth of that same nation. Beginning in verse 16, we have an account of Ezekiel miraculously joining two sticks into one stick in his hand (representing the unity of Israel on the day of her resurrection)

Who would expect the redevelopment of the ancient Assyrian empire?  Or, can you find a modern Hittite. Would any geopolitical expert sincerely prognosticate a revival of the Aztec or lnca empires, or of the Mayan civilization? Or, would it be feasible to expect a great dominance of the American Indians in the northern half of the western hemisphere someday in the future. It would even be hard to reasonably forecast that the existing nations of England, France, or Spain might someday regain the same global influence which they once had during the age of imperialism. And yet, despite the many centuries which have passed, during which the Jews have endured both dispersion and abuse, they have retained their identity as a unique ethnic group. Can this be incidental? Only by supernatural intervention could the accomplishment of the recreation of the nation of Israel occur.

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