Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday - Ezekiel 48 - In Conclusion

ADLY, we have come to the end our long journey through the book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel was, of course, a Jew writing to Jews, living among Jews and writing about Jews. He was writing during a time when the Jews were living abroad – not in their homeland. It is fitting then that his prophecies would conclude with a description of how things will look someday when all of the Jews have returned home again. You may have seen a map in the back of a Bible somewhere outlining the old borders of the tribes as they were drawn out during the days of Joshua. Well, the system was fair enough back then. The land was divided first into sections and then randomly dealt out to the tribes who still needed territory at that time.  (A few had gotten in on their claims a little early).

During the Kingdom of God, the lines will be drawn quite a bit differently. Since all of the land will be blessed, in a way it won't matter where you end up living. So, the borders will all be horizontal and straight on the northern and southern edges of each tribe's possession. And, apparently their possessions will run east and west from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river.

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