Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday - Ezekiel 31 - He Can do it Again

URPRISINGLY, this message from Ezekiel to Pharaoh appears to be mostly about the Assyrians. The Assyrian empire had been great and powerful, yet God brought it down to nothing. Ezekiel challenged the Pharaoh to consider the demise of the Assyrians, and to recognize that if Assyria could fall, then so could Egypt. But is this section really all about Egypt and Assyria? Even if we extrapolate an excellent application from this chapter – like, for example, that America (similar to those ancient nations) is not immune to deterioration, defeat and disassembly – have we accomplished what the Spirit intended when He gave Ezekiel this message? I think not. Egypt is not primary. Assyria is not primary. Israel is not primary. America is not primary. God is primary!

Notice in Ezekiel 31:1 that it was "the word of the Lord" that came to Ezekiel. Then again in Ezekiel 31:8, Assyria was compared to "the cedars in the garden of God." "Thus saith the Lord God..." (Ezekiel 31:10, 15 & 18). "I have... delivered him into the hand of the mighty one of the heathen," God said (Ezekiel 31:11). "I made the nations to shake... I cast him down to hell... (Ezekiel 31:16). The nations and empires of the world are being compared here to great trees, but who owns the grove? Who marks trees for felling? God is the gardener.  God is the ruler over nations and empires (Isaiah 40:15). The same God who brought Assyria and Egypt to their knees is still on the throne today. The USA, the UN, the USSR (in its heyday), the EU – it doesn't matter, God can handle all comers. What He did before, He can certainly do again.  He has already brought down many great and proud trees. We are not invincible. We are at God's mercy. We would be wise to be humble before Him (Psalm 33:12 & Proverbs 14:34). Our future is in His hands.

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