Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday - Ezekiel 27 - Tyre (part 2)

E know from Ezekiel 26 that Tyre got into considerable trouble because of her attitude against the Jews and against the God of the Jews. One might ask why Tyre became so antagonistic against God and against truth. The history of Tyre and the relationship that this city had with Israel was actually quite long. Tyre had been a strong city during the days of Joshua (Joshua 19:29). Both David and Solomon had interacted extensively with the royal family of Tyre (2nd Samuel 5:11 & 1st Kings 9:11). And looking ahead, Tyre would still be mentionable in the days of Ezra, Nehemiah and even later on, during Jesus' ministry (Ezra 3:7,  Nehemiah 13:16  &  Matthew 15:21).  The  problem  with Tyre was her success. It has been said that success destroys us much more effectively than failure can. Tyre was a blessed city, but her beauty went to her head (Ezekiel 27:3). Humanity never find's God in the mirror.

As we read this lamentation for Tyre, we should read it in anticipation of the next chapter. It is in Ezekiel 28 that we find out that these prophecies against Tyre have a much broader context and application than just the small Lebanese town that sits on the coast of the Mediterranean. It's almost like Tyre is representative of all of the great sin cities that have arisen throughout the ages. And indeed, the unseen mayor of every one of these decadent metropolises has been none other than Lucifer himself. So, as we read this lamentation, let's recognize that we are moving toward a larger theatre with bigger players on the stage.

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