Monday, May 13, 2019

Monday - Ezekiel 19 - The Last of Judah's Kings

EHOAHAZ, Jehoiakim, Jeconiah & Zedekiah were pitiful excuses for princes. They were kings on a royal throne – a throne that had a noble history. David, Solomon, Jehoshaphat, Jehoash, Hezekiah & Josiah had all sat on the throne in Jerusalem. God had been honored in so many ways (at times) in that place. However, by comparison, these last kings were worthless lice. At least, that might be our evaluation of them. All these men had to do was humble themselves in God's sight and they would be blessed. They would have nothing to do with God though. And so, He lamented. His lamentations were not the end of His response though.  It was God's judgment that landed Jehoahaz down in Egypt rather than on his own throne (Ezekiel 19:4). It was God's judgment that landed Jeconiah in Babylon (Ezekiel 19:9)... and Zedekiah too.

The outstanding thing about this whole scenario is the attitude that God exhibited in response to it. He mourned and grieved. He didn't just react in anger.  He did react in anger, but not just in anger. It broke His heart to see the throne of David occupied by such unwilling and therefore unworthy princes. It broke His heart to have to remove that throne altogether. As we know, the next occupant will be God Himself, but the long absence of a royal descendant of David to rule over the Jews didn't have to happen. Over and again, God had made covenants and promises to David's sons about how He was willing to bless them and their children if they would simply obey Him and follow His principles. But, they would not. So, He ended the whole scene.  What a tragedy!

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