Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday - Ezekiel 32 - The Fate of the Uncircumcised

OW, this chapter is a lamentation concerning the downfall of Pharaoh and Egypt. Egypt is categorized as uncircumcised and doomed. And, the damnation of Egypt places them in the same category as every other uncircumcised nation. Assyria, Iran, Russia, Edom, Sidon... it doesn't matter how large or small, it doesn't matter when the entity existed, all that matters is that they have not followed after their Creator. Their physical uncircumcision simply represented (or represents) a deeper problem: spiritual uncircumcision.

Both testaments teach that the ultimate issue that must be grappled with is not the physical foreskin of any young male, the thing that must be dealt with in every man and woman is the foreskin of the heart. Consider Deuteronomy 10:16 & Romans 2:28-29. The spiritual insensitivity of the human heart must be corrected.

It may be that you are uncomfortable discussing salvation using such graphic terminology. I challenge you to consider the possibility that God had a very specific reason for shocking us with His vivid examples. Could it be that there are many of us who have great pride in some outward symbol of faith, but we have no genuine faith in God Himself? Every ritual in the book will do a man no good if he isn't humbly submitted to God's authority. And, although there are many good rituals that are taught in the Bible, (rituals that we should follow), they only illustrate God's grace, they do not obtain it for us. The only sure physical and material vehicle of God’s grace is the virgin born Son of God.

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