Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday – 2nd Chronicles 23 - A Holy Coup

Although the Bible is clear in its defense of the rightful retention of power in the hand of existing governments, there have been and are exceptions to this principle.  Again, certain passages of Scripture, like Romans 13:1, make our responsibilities rather obvious.  However, there have been times and circumstances in history when it is apparent that God chose revolution over the status quo. 1st Kings 19:16 & 17 probably demonstrate that kind of a divine program better than any other text.  Jehu was commissioned by Jehovah to eradicate a couple of Jewish kings who (through their own sinfulness) had truly abdicated their rights to their thrones.

In this chapter (and back in 2nd Kings 11) we read about a divinely appointed overthrow of an evil monarch who had ceased defending the innocent and had commenced to punishing the righteous.  As we studied yesterday, her name was Athaliah.  She had abandoned her actual monarchial purpose.  The coup and coronation of her 7 year old grandson, Joash, was actually an improvement of the nation’s situation. 

Athaliah was an imposter.  She was not only wicked, she didn't have the right to continue in her office.  The armed revolt might be seen as treason... but it was actually a patriotic extrication of the treason that had continued long enough.  With praises on their lips, the people of Judah restored the throne to the family of David and to one of his sons.  Additionally, the revolution was not just political.  There was an accompanying revival (2nd Chronicles 23:16 & 17).  Both Athaliah and Baal were removed from their illegitimate, usurped positions. 

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