Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday – 2nd Chronicles 26 - Engines & Errors

Uzziah the son of Amaziah was also known as Azariah (2nd Kings 14:21).  He was a good king.  He ruled a long time and did unusually well.  God blessed him in a variety of ways.  He built cities, honored God (2nd Chronicles 26:5), defeated the Philistines, received peace payments, became famous, built fortifications, dug wells, raised cattle, loved farming, expanded and equipped the military, strengthened Jerusalem and protected her with military machines... engines (2nd Chronicles 26:15).  Uzziah truly lived long and prospered... for a while.

However, there is an old saying: success has destroyed more men than failure has ever destroyed.  In all of Uzziah's prosperity, somehow he ended up missing the point.  Rather than being fittingly humbled by all of God's goodness toward him, he instead allowed his ego to inflate.  He stepped over a line that ended up costing him his health and his life. 

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