Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday – 2nd Chronicles 22 - The Rise of Athaliah

Isaiah 3:12 might not be politically correct, but it does accurately describe the situation of Judah.  Judah was drifting farther and farther away from God.  And, they were cursed with leaders who were morally deviant, spiritually misguided and politically incompetent.

Joram was a worthless king.  His son Ahaziah, called Jehoahaz in 2nd Chronicles 21:17, was no better.  But worse still was Joram's wife; Ahaziah's mother.  Her name was Athaliah and her game was doing evil (2nd Chronicles 22:2, 3 & 10).  I would say that her killing of her own grand-children was rather wicked, wouldn't you?  Thankfully, God preserved one of David's descendants again.  As such, the new hope for Israel was in the young prince, Joash.  But, until his day came, his witch-of-a-grandmother was the ruler of the land.

Now, let's be clear, Isaiah 3:12 DOES indeed imply that a queen instead of a king was a bane for the nation and a symbol that they had fallen out of God's favor.  Still, Athaliah's legacy was her own responsibility.  She could have been wise and good... like the former matriarchs Deborah and Abigail.  God could have used her too if she would have trusted Him.  He certainly can use women of faith a whole lot more effectively than He can use men who have none.  I know, in our modern culture this whole discussion is taboo, but God's Word isn't supposed to be restricted by cultural sensitivities.  God designed us men to accept our responsibilities as leaders.  It's a sad day when there is no man who is qualified or willing to fill that role.

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