Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday – 2nd Chronicles 27 - Jotham City

For 16 years Jerusalem was ruled by Jotham the son of Uzziah.  Now, most of us know plenty of boys and men who, despite their best efforts to avoid it, are their own father made all over again.  You know the old saying: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  That isn't always the case though.  Maybe an alcoholic begets another alcoholic.  Maybe a chauvinist rears another one.  Maybe the son of a liberal is prone to be a liberal too.  But, not always. Some sons learn well from their father's mistakes.

2nd Chronicles 27:2 points out specifically that Jotham was much like his dad in many ways.  That is, he emulated many of his dad's good qualities.  But thankfully he didn't try to invade the temple like Uzziah had done.  The leprosy of Uzziah was evidently a sufficient warning and a successful preventive measure in warding off any repeat attempt at such nonsense.

So, Jotham intended to live in a way that God could approve of (2nd Chronicles 27:6).  And, he did.  He didn't live to be an old man and he certainly wasn't perfect (2nd Kings 15:35), but overall, he did ok.

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