Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday – 2nd Chronicles 32 - A Test of Strength

ne might imagine that after a great revival, everything would go smoothly for the revived people. But, not so!  At least, in the case of Hezekiah and the people of Judah, their revival was followed by a fierce test of their resolve and of their faith.  God allowed the Assyrians to come down and to camp around the city of Jerusalem.  They had recently wasted the land of Israel, and they were in Judah to do the same there.

When Hezekiah understood the threats of Sennacherib, he encouraged his people and got on the red telephone to heaven (2nd Chronicles 32:20).  In contrast to the contemptible blasphemy of Sennacherib (2nd Chronicles 32:17), the words of Hezekiah were bulging with faith and virtue.

Both kings came out of this pressure cooker worse for the wear.  Sennacherib was assassinated by his own sons, after God killed his entire invading force, and Hezekiah fell into sinful pride (2nd Chronicles 32:25).  Praise God, Hezekiah didn't stay down, but nevertheless the damage was done. Hezekiah prospered, but his descendants suffered.

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