Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday - II Kings 6 - 4 More Miracles

In this chapter we find the record of 4 more of Elisha's miracles.
 1.  An iron axe head floats in water.
 2.  Elisha shares military secrets with Israel.
 3.  Elisha and his servant are saved from the Syrians.
 4.  The hostile intentions of Jehoram are revealed.

What are we to learn from this amalgamation of brief stories?  Well, one thing is for sure... God's power in the life of His servant is not reserved only for big and earth shattering matters. The same God who rescued a nation through supernatural espionage, rescued a young prophet from the price of an axe head.   Likewise, twice God exerted His strength for the preservation of the life of Elisha when the kings of Syria and Israel (separately) had it in for him.

One more thing: our human heart is tempted to interrogate God as to why He would allow His people to be reduced to eating donkey brains, bird poop and human babies (II Kings 6:25, 28 & 29). But we would do well to expend our energies examining the human element of causation in such situations and leaving God's sovereign ways alone. The flaws are never to be found in Him; always in us. Explore God's thoughts and actions? Sure! ...as He reveals them to us, explore; but, always with reverence, fear and faith. Never delude self into imagining that we might be able to somehow improve God.

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