Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday - I Kings 19 - Elijah Anoints Elisha

Was Elijah just weary? Was he afraid, weak, misguided, disenchanted, discouraged, distracted or depressed? What would cause a great man of God (who was known for his boldness and power) to flee for his life, to so severely misjudge reality, and to wish for death for himself? Especially, why would he run so far on the heels of the incredible victory he had just experienced on Mount Carmel (James 5:17).

Put simply, Elijah felt alone, useless... like a failure. Was he a failure? Was he alone? Most certainly he was not! But, he saw things that way and it was enough to scare him far away from all of society. He literally withdrew like a recluse into a cave to the south, far from where he had been ministering.

But, even in his 6 week sabbatical, God took good care of him. He didn't kill him as was requested. He didn't allow the wicked queen of Israel to find him and kill him either.  He fed him angel food cake that was so nutritious that he didn't have to eat for the rest of his vacation. He revealed Himself to Elijah in a unique and spectacular way on Mount Horeb. And, after He had called him to some serious introspection (I Kings 19:9 & 13), He gave him some more assignments.

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