Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday - II Kings 7 - Windows in Heaven

The king of Israel thought that Elisha was the source of his problems, when Elisha was the messenger who had good news for Samaria. The city where donkey brains and dove dung was expensive one day was going to enjoy fine flour on the cheap the very next day.

Here is how it happened. Samaria, the capitol city of the northern kingdom of Israel, had been under siege by Syrians for a long enough period that the populous inside the city was literally starving to death. But, God had a miraculous deliverance prepared for them.  Despite the wayward ways of Israel, God was mercifully watching out for them. II Kings 7:6 & 7 says that God caused the Syrians to hear the sound of chariots, horses and infantry. The sound was obviously so intense and persuasive that they fled for their lives without taking anything with them. In fact they even dropped many of the things they had happened to have on them when they departed from the camp in fear... things like clothes and canteens (II Kings 7:15).

So, a few Jewish lepers... outcasts... went to the Syrian camp hoping to either receive mercy and food or to be killed. To them, either option was better than starving to death.  However, what they found was more food and supplies than they could have ever collected or used. So, they shared the news with rest of the city.

One of the king’s closest court companions basically mocked Elisha cynically, "Elisha, if God made windows in heaven and poured out food on us, even then we wouldn't have the abundance of food that you are describing" (see Malachi 3:10).  Not only did Elisha's prophecy  about the food come true, but Elisha added another word condemning the unbelieving aristocrat... which also proved true.  Because of his unbelief, the unnamed lord of Samaria was trampled to death without even getting a chance to fill his hungry belly with the dainties which flowed in freely from the spoilage of the Syrians.

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