Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday - II Kings 9 - A Wild Driver & A Painted Woman

Elisha sent a young prophet to anoint a man named Jehu to become the next king over Israel and to instruct Jehu to execute the whole family of Omri - more specifically, of his son, Ahab (I Kings 16:28). And, wow, did Jehu ever take his job seriously! He went to find the kings of Israel and Judah first (Joram the son and Ahaziah the son-in-law, of Ahab). This is where we find that Jehu could have been a wild west cowboy or a modern-day racecar driver. As he approached Jezreel where the royal family was, the watchmen described his approach thusly, "the driving is like the driving of Jehu... for He drives furiously" (II Kings 9:20). Interesting!

Before that day was over, he had shot Jehoram in back (II Kings 9:24) and had chased Ahaziah to his death too. But, he wasn't done. The main target was the old witch, Queen Jezebel (II Kings 9:22). Here we find our painted woman (II Kings 9:30). Jezebel knew that Jehu was coming, so, she got ready for it. She painted her face, fixed her hair and watched for him through the window. There is no telling what she thought would happen, but I'm guessing she didn't anticipate the kind of demise which was her destiny. At Jehu's command, some of the "men" who were with Jezebel literally threw her out the window and to her death.

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