Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday - I Kings 22 - The End of Ahab

Yet again Ahab went to fight against Syria. Whatever happened to the brotherhood which he had forged with Benhadad (I Kings 20:34 & 22:31)? Well, it had lasted for only 3 years (I Kings 22:1). Anyway, this time Ahab invited Judah to fight with him in a bilateral military effort. The king of Judah at this point was good king Jehoshaphat, son of good king Asa. But, even God's faithful children aren't perfect, and Jehoshaphat was no exception. As such, he made a league with wicked Ahab (I Kings 22:4).

Now, Jehoshaphat wisely asked his host (king Ahab) to seek for the Lord's guidance before they went to battle. I'm not sure why, because even when Jehoshaphat had God's word in this instance, he didn't change his plans. The ridiculous proceedings which ensued after Jehoshaphat's request indicate just how wicked Ahab still was (despite his recent lesson from the vineyard of Naboth). Ahab listened to his false prophets (all 400 of them) and specifically to one Zedekiah from among those false prophets.  These all told him what they knew he wanted to hear, that is, that he most surely would win.

However, upon the insistence of Jehoshaphat, they brought a true prophet of God, one Micaiah.  After at first complying with Ahab's wishes (evidently for emphasis - see I Kings 22:15), he revealed the truth about the destiny of Ahab.  He did this in 2 ways.   First, he told them that they should all just go home and forget the whole idea. And, when Ahab complained about that, he added a very revealing account of the scene in heaven which had led to the false prophecies of Ahab's ministers, and proceeded to condemn Ahab.

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