Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday - I Kings 5 - Preparations for the Temple

David had gathered many treasures which were intended for the construction of the temple and which were dedicated for the purpose of worship (II Samuel 8:10 & 11, I Kings 7:51 & I Chronicles 22:14, 15 & 16). But, David did not machine the construction materials for the building nor did he COMPLETE the task of gathering the supplies. Solomon still had much to do when he undertook to accomplish his greatest project; his architectural legacy... the Temple. This chapter details some of major preparations which were required.

Now, the blueprint was precise and the construction materials were perfectly prepared prior to the commencement of construction.... so that there was no hammering, sawing or chopping going on during the raising of that great and holy edifice (I Kings 6:7). And, Solomon was the divinely gifted human genius behind that unique wonder.

This chapter describes a great partnership that was forged between Solomon and one of his father's friends, Hiram... king of Tyre. In exchange for food, Hiram supplied Solomon with a great abundance of cedar and fir lumber for the project. It was a supremely peaceful, albeit very labor intensive, period of Solomon's reign. Tens of thousands of skilled workers were commissioned to accomplish the great task of gathering and preparing the needed materials. It is wonderful to consider the amazing depth of devotion which was demonstrated during that era. It was a time when men were willing to spare no expense and to expend tremendous amounts of energy to accomplish a single goal: building a house for the exaltation of the name of Jehovah.

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