Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday - I Kings 17 - Hello, My Name Is Elijah

For the next week or so we will primarily be studying the actions of the great prophet, Elijah. His name meant, "The Lord, He is God!" And, just as that was the meaning of his name, it was the focus and purpose of his life and ministry.

James 5:17 indicates that Elijah was not some superiorly pious man who had outgrown the trivial struggles of human life. He had the same problems and "passions" that you and I wrestle with. Yet, he was a man of extraordinary spiritual accomplishment.  In the introduction to his life in I Kings 17:1 we find his bold statement to wicked Ahab: "There shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word."  What startling confidence he had in God!  What refreshing certainty!

Now, God took care of Elijah during the long season of extreme drought in Israel. First, he was fed by ravens at the brook Cherith, and then at Zarephath he was sustained by a widow who had a miraculously unending supply of meal and oil.  Notice that we are hardly into the first few verses of the record of Elijah's life and already multiple supernatural events have occurred. God's power was certainly upon him in unique way.

If Elijah's power over the weather, the birds and the pantry isn't enough to convince us that God had a special mission for this man, a resurrection surely should be. After Elijah had stayed in Zarephath for some time, his hostess' son died (I Kings 17:17). But, not to fear, Elijah knew in faith that the God who can hold back rain can certainly deliver us from death. So, he asked God to resurrect the boy (I Kings 17:21). Simple enough, right? Yes! The boy was revived.  Simple as that!  Is anything too hard for God?

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