Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday – I Kings 7 – More Construction

Solomon not only built the temple, he also built a palace for himself, a house of Cedar (perhaps to function as his courthouse), and a house for his favorite wife and queen; Pharaoh's daughter. Now, to indicate just how extravagant and majestic all these structures were, this chapter records for us that the stones which were used for the foundation were massive, being 12 and 15 feet squares.

The bulk of this chapter is devoted to the description of the fine workmanship of one Hiram (not the king of Tyre, though he was from Tyre). He was brought in by Solomon for his metallurgical and artistic expertise. Hiram made 2 gigantic columns to stand in front of the temple.  He made a huge round basin (7 feet tall and 15 feet wide) and set it on the backs of 12 sculpted cows. He constructed carts, smaller basins, stands, shovels and pots... all of brass; implements that would be used in the function of worship in the temple. He made an altar, a table, candlesticks, tongs, bowls, snuffers, basins, spoons and censers of gold; again, all furniture and implements for worship in the temple.  All these things were patterned after the furniture, tools and dishes that had been used for generations in the tabernacles from Moses to David; from Aaron to Abiathar. All these items were ornately sculpted and richly decorated with shapes of pomegranates, angels, lions, palm trees, flowers and such.

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