Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday - I Kings 14 - The End of the 'Boam Boys

This chapter commences a repetitive pattern in Kings and Chronicles: the relatively quick cycle of life and death in the succession of the kings of Israel and Judah. After 22 years, Jeroboam (in the north) was replaced by his son, Nadab. Somewhat simultaneously, after 17 years, Rehoboam (in the south) was replaced by his son, Abijah. He might have ruled longer were it not for the blight of open homosexuality in Judah (I Kings 14:24). Incidentally, the wickedness of Rehoboam's nation caused God to allow Egyptians to come into the temple to take much of the wealth which had been carefully accumulated by Solomon.

Before Jeroboam died, he had a son who became ill. Commendably, Jeroboam was confident that the prophet Abijah could give him a word concerning his boy. But, for some reason, perhaps because of his guilty conscience due to his idolatry, Jeroboam felt like he couldn't let Abijah know that he was the one looking for a revelation. So, he sent his wife to inquire and had her in disguise to hide her identity from Abijah. It was a senseless strategy.  God warned the old blind prophet concerning who was coming to see him.

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