Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday - I Kings 9 - God's Promise & Solomon's Prosperity

The first time that God came to Solomon He offered him a blank check, upon which Solomon wrote the word "wisdom" - and cashed it humbly. God came to Solomon again and officially informed him that He had accepted the temple which he had built. It must have been very gratifying for Solomon. But, God didn't stop with just a commendation; He added that if Solomon and the people would follow Him continually, then blessings would abound. But, if they were ever to forsake Him then He would in turn forsake them too. It was a strict arrangement... one that was destined to bring ill upon Israel, a division of the monarchy, the destruction of the temple and a temporary (albeit lengthy) rejection of the Jews.

The remainder of this chapter is a general description of some of the other projects that Solomon undertook. There were certain cities which he built or rebuilt and there were multiple people groups from whom Solomon collected taxes and services. Practically, he was reaping the benefits of David's military dominance over the surrounding nations. We know that his success in these endeavors was a product of God's blessings upon him. In truth, we aren't even scratching the surface of what Solomon accomplished. It is recorded here that he built the wall of Jerusalem, built a navy, collected much gold, gave cities to Hiram king of Tyre, and more... but he was only half way through his 40 year reign at that point.  Much more was to come. Although, not much of it would be good.

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