Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday - Judges 13 - Israel's Superhero

What Bible story is more spectacular than the record of the great He-Man, Samson? After all, which one of us men wouldn't want to be used by God in the way Samson was. He was unbeatable. He was known for his physical feats of strength. He was blessed of God and called by Him to flex his muscles with supernatural effects against his enemies, the enemies of his people and the enemies of God. In our modern imagination, we assume that he also had a square jaw and a good tan, right?

From start to finish, Samson's whole life was like a fairy tale or a romantic drama of sorts. He was the man of the hour. After Israel had endured 40 years of harsh oppression at the hands of the Philistines, God prepared a deliverer for them. His parents had been formerly childless. But, God sent an angel to prepare them for the arrival of their very special son.  He was going to be a lifelong Nazarite.  As you read the story of his life, you might do well to remember all the specific regulations that he was supposed to live by. But, although he was greatly blessed of God and used mightily, he had some rather major flaws, not the least of which was his rather unbridled affinity for feminine beauty. It would eventually cripple his ministry and cost him his life.  Nevertheless, he got an A on his life's report card (Hebrews 11:32 & 39).  The value of faith in the life of an individual can't possibly be overstated.

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