Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tuesday – 1st Corinthians 2 - The Mind of Christ



HEN we study the human mind, we carry our laboratory around with us. What is my mindset? What is my philosophy? What is your worldview? What do we consider important? What are our objectives? What do we think about? How do we approach life? These are important questions. Self-awareness and self-evaluation are parts of the great gift of life which God has given to humanity. We should use these attributes carefully & constantly.


Paul did some evaluating of his own strategy of evangelism. And, he analyzed how his approach should have influenced his converts. Paul was a very educated man.  He had a wealth of historical knowledge at his disposal. And, prior to his conversion, he had philosophized with the best of thinkers.  He evidently knew how to speak shrewdly, and to present apologetic debates powerfully. He was a thinker, and a communicator. And, he had the experience and passion to carry him far in mission work.  But, as he pointed out in this chapter, Paul didn't draw from these sources in giving the gospel to the Corinthians. He came with simplicity & Christlike humility. He declared the plain gospel with a complete predisposition of spiritual dependence. He knew that he couldn't save these people.  He knew that it was a work which could only be accomplished by divine intervention. As we noted in the first chapter of this epistle, Paul preached Christ. Here he reveals the internal origination point of that preaching strategy. He preached Christ because his mind was on Christ. Christ was his focus (vs. 2).

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