Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday – 2nd Corinthians 4 - Something that Lasts



AUL begins here by recognizing that the gospel ministry which consumed him was truly a gracious gift from God (vs. 1). Then he acknowledged happily that he was being watched by God (vs. 2). There is an all-seeing eye that evaluates us with constant care and righteous purposes. However, there is another force that works among us: Lucifer. The Almighty God of heaven is resisted constantly by that rebellious god of this world (vs. 4). Satan works feverishly among us in a violent effort to condemn as many souls as he can. In wise response, we preach Christ (vs. 5 & 13).


In consideration of verses 6-10, the very thought of the undeserved light of God's love shining into my dark heart (and of the life of Jesus showing up in my body) makes me want to shout and scream and weep and laugh and sing and dance and hug whoever is close by. God is good, friends. I can feel it. I breathe it. I've read it in His book, and I've tasted it in my experience. Verse 14-18 tells us that we have something that lasts.  In a world that is winding down and wearing out, this is something that we can appreciate. Our own future resurrection; the glory of God; our inward renewal; eternal bliss together: those things are real & concrete.

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