Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday – 1st Corinthians 4 - Servants of Christ



OSEPH was a slave in the house of Potiphar in Egypt. However, he was charged with all of Potiphar's possessions. He had more power, responsibility, & influence than anyone else did in Potiphar's house. Similarly, we are Christ's servants, yet we have been charged with His glorious gospel (vs. 1). It behooves us to invest our station intentionally & intently. The potential for us to have a significant impact for His glory, & for us to receive commendations from our Master (vs. 5) – these two things should be sufficient motivators to push us into faithful service.


As servants, it is important to remember the plurality of our servitude. We are not God's lonely-only servants. Elijah had this sort of a mentality once, & not only did it not serve him well, it also wasn't anywhere near the truth (1st King 19:14-18). Christ & His church was marching forward before you or I entered the picture, & if we move off the scene, God will not find His hands suddenly tied behind His back. It is imperative therefor that we give a proper level of respect & appreciation to our fellow Christians. It makes no sense for us to be opposed to those who (just like us) have been called & commissioned as disciples. Whatever privileges we have are just that, privileges. We have been given the things that we possess. We are not entitled to them. All our abilities & opportunities are products of God's grace.

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