Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday – 1st Corinthians 16 - The Words of a Friend



AUL was definitely a father figure to the Corinthian believers. As a missionary, a pastor, an evangelist, a preacher, a prophet, and an apostle, he had tremendous authority and influence in the churches; hence, the large number of instructional epistles. We will encounter other chapters like this one as we continue to make our way through the epistles, but the commonality of Paul's personal comments to believers shouldn't deemphasize the epistles in our minds. Only let it accentuate the love he had for the believers. Notice here and elsewhere that his love for them did not quail his didactic spirit though; if anything, it drew it out of him to a greater degree and extent.


Paul addressed the collection of financial gifts in Corinth. It does not appear that he was talking about tithes here (vs. 1-2).  No doubt that the Corinthian church taught and practiced tithing, but this section is about benevolent offerings. Proportionate giving for the purpose of helping believers in other churches - that's what was going on here. What is most interesting is that Paul told the church to set their philanthropic gifts aside on the first day of the week rather than on the last day of the week. It does appear that this early in the church age believers were already meeting regularly on Sundays rather than on Saturdays. Paul also expressed both a great desire & a bit of angst concerning his own pending visit in Corinth. He planned to come to them when the business of the ministry permitted it, but in the meantime, he hoped to see the believers there blessed by the ministry of other leaders (vs. 9-12 & 15- 16).


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