Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday - Micah 3 - A Juxtaposition of Weakness against Power

HERE is a stark contrast presented in this chapter between Micah & the Jewish leaders of his day. The bulk of the chapter aims to describe the inadequacies that were present in the "heads" of Israel. But, verse 8 erupts into the middle of this section with a wonderful testimony about the holy calling and competency of the great prophet Micah. It may sound boastful on the surface, but really, Micah is presenting the pure and perfect power of God in the middle of a pitiful pile of spiritual wickedness & weakness.

So, let's look at the guilt of the leaders of Israel and Judah. They were supposed to be the defenders of righteousness. Instead, they "hated good and loved evil" (vs. 2 & 9). They used and abused the people whom they were supposed to help (vs. 3 & 5). And, the things that they did do, they did for personal profit alone (vs. 11).

The consequences for Israel's leaders' errors were heavy. While they had been given their position, authority and influence by God, He promised (not threatened, promised) to desert them. He would not bless them, utilize them or work through them any more in any positive way (vs. 6-7). Additionally, God indicated emphatically that He would not only be removing the leaders from their positions, He would also be removing their territory altogether. In other words, if there were no more inhabitants over which to rule, then there could be no more evil rulers.

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