Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday - Micah 2 - Can Someone Please Find us a Liar?

OME people would rather be flattered than instructed. The Jews of Micah's day were of that brand of fool. They were creative people, but their imagination & ingenuity were used to contrive evil things (Micah 2:1, Ecclesiastes 7:29, Proverbs 24:8 & Genesis 6:5). So, they were destined for woe. Evil men are not the only creative ones though. God is the originator of creativity. Micah 2:3 speaks of how God was willing to do some of His own devising. But He invents the hard consequences of sin, not the sin itself. God is a designer of punishment. After all, he made hell.

Now, much like in some of today's churches, the people of Micah's day did not want the unadulterated truth. It was too harsh & hard for them. They wanted lies. They preferred a gentle & appealing message (vs. 6). Truth will always help, if it is used properly, but what good can lies do (vs. 7)? The misbehavior of the Jews had to be punished, but they didn't want to hear anything about it. They wanted a preacher who would only commend them (vs. 11). They just wanted to be encouraged, commended, entertained & soothed. Yet, they had troubles aplenty on the way (vs. 12-13).

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