Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday - Amos 2 - Putting Pressure on God

FTER wrapping up his general prophecies against the nations that surrounded Israel, Amos turned his attention very specifically to his guilty brethren. First, he made mention of Judah (vs. 4-5), and then made many mentions of Israel. In fact, it seems as if Amos is saying in vs. 6 that there would be no reason to even start counting the number of Israel's transgressions, because frankly, there would simply be too many of them to count. So, because of their propensity for moral and spiritual failure, God said to them through Amos, "Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves" (vs. 13).

Beginning in vs. 6, Amos started listing some of Israel's violations. First on the list was Israel's mistreatment of people who were "righteous" but poor. Simply for profit, the weak were abused. In fact, vs. 7 infers that those with wealth and power in Israel even begrudged the dust that the poor people around them put on their own heads when they were in mourning.

Now, God had destroyed the wicked Amorites for many of the same kinds of infringements of which Israel was guilty. And, he had given their land to the Jews. Yet, with ungrateful and foolish hearts, Israel acted without appreciation. They contributed to the wayward misbehavior of men who should have otherwise been devout. They flatly told their preachers not to preach.  No surprise, these attitudes drove God to a point of reaction (vs. 13). Therefore, at this point in his message, Amos had nothing nice to say to Israel. 

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