Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday - Amos 6 - Woe & Ease

T may seem strange to some readers to find danger and comfort in the same container. Here it is though, "Woe to them that are at ease..." (vs. 1). The Jews in Amos' audience were taking it easy, yet their prosecution was complete. Their execution was pending. The Jews were living in the lap of luxury and sensual pleasure. Their days were filled with violence, sexual promiscuity, gluttony, party music, alcohol and sweet perfumes (vs. 3-6). They were ancient party animals, living wildly; plying their vices in a house surrounded by cops (vs. 7). They acted as if there was no warrant out for their arrest. They pretended that they owed no debts. But God had His eye on them, and He definitely was not pleased (vs. 8). Israel was in trouble. In fact, they were about a half century away from obliteration (vs. 14). They had all the self-confidence in the world and were getting many thrills investing their time in nothing (vs. 13), but their doom was sealed.

In vs. 10 it seems that we have the quintessential response to judgment-in-the-middle-of-comfort. They tried a shallow show of contrition and piety aimed only at self-preservation. Oh, how low unregenerate men will willingly bow at the Great White Throne Judgment, but the people who bow there will reap no benefits from their prostrate position.

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