Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 74 - We’re Just Sheep… but We’re God’s Sheep

F all of the reasons that men of God have used to implore for God's mercy, this has to be one of the most transparent. It is noble and wise to ask God for mercy based upon His character, His compassion and His promises.  Here though, Asaph simply says to God, "We are just sheep... as a matter of fact, we're Your sheep. Have mercy!"  He asks, "Have you forsaken us?  Have you forgotten about us?  Why are you angry with us?  You bought us, don't you remember?  We are surrounded and infiltrated with enemies. Help!"  Asaph's words echo Job's similar argument in Job 10:8-9.  Amazingly, our pain can touch His heart... even when we asked for the nasty dish from which we dine.  Even when we deserve our misery, heaven can be touched by our cry (Judges 2:18).

Asaph did not end with His cry for sympathy though, he also reminded God of how their enemies and His were blaspheming Him and squelching the true religion of the Jews.  This was an additional reason to anticipate God's intervention on their behalf.  Asaph knew that the God of heaven is rightfully a jealous God.  He remembered the kinds of deliverance that God had executed for His people in the past and he prayed for more of the same.  He recalled how powerfully God had removed hurdles and accomplished mighty feats in days gone by... so, he pleaded for a divine encore. 

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