Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday - Psalm 77- Can’t Sleep, Can’t Speak

SAPH was so troubled that he temporarily lost his ability to either sleep or talk (Psalm 77:4). Whatever his heartache was, it was intense(Psalm 77:2).  Even though Asaph was able to reflect positively on God's past faithfulness to him, he was wrestling desperately with his own present and future.  He asked six straight questions demonstrating how deep his pain was piercing into his soul (Psalm 77:7-9).

Although it seems like a contradiction of terms, evidently Asaph's faith and loyalty were resilient and strong while at the same time his confidence was distressingly low.  This prayer spikes and dips variously to great heights of praise and then to agonizing depths of frustration.  What brazenness for Asaph to inquire concerning the "failure" of God's promises and to wonder if God had ''forgotten to be gracious?"  Consider just how far down Asaph really was emotionally.  He complained... but not without reason.  He was overwhelmed despite his most valiant effort at faithfulness and worship.  But before we condemn him, let's take note of the fact that his expressions throughout the bulk of this song are devout and pious.  Besides that, as we evaluate his anguish we have to be a little introspective too.  Have we ever been where he was?  Have you ever been there?  What's the old saying about walking a mile in another man's shoes? 

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