Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday - Psalm 31 - Lead Me & Guide Me

here are certain phrases which seem rather "churchy" when we hear them.  I don't mean to imply that there is anything wrong with the phrases, it's just that we hear them so often in our Christian worship that we have really come to expect to hear them... and sometimes our familiarity with them can cause us to lose sight of their significance.

I'll not give a list of examples here.  I'm sure many of you can think of a few Christian catch phrases right off.  Many of them come right out of the text of Scripture.  Here in Psalm 31:3 we find that David prayed to God asking for Him "to lead and to guide" him.  Surely it isn't necessary to ask if you have ever heard an elder in your church pray for God to "lead and guide us" ...listen for it during the next few assemblies which you attend.

How appropriate it is too.  We desperately need God to lead us and to guide us, don't we?  His guidance and direction are part of the warp and woof of our faith.  "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to His own way..." (Isaiah 53:6).  In delivering us and defending us, I'm so glad that God instructs us and gives us the answers that we so desperately need (Psalm 31:2).  "He leadeth me, 0 blessed thought!  0 words with heavenly comfort fraught!" - Joseph H. Gilmore.

Where would we go and what could we do if God did not lead and guide us.  Our times are indeed in His hands, but many days we sense our desperate need for some immediate intervention (Psalm 31:15 & 2).  The necessity for a Guide along this earthly journey is obvious.

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