Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 34 - Taste & See

hen Jesus came to this earth, He declared that He was the bread of life (John 6:35 & 41).  He said that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood, we will not live in the kingdom of heaven (John 6:53-56).  At His last supper with His disciples, he fed them the Passover bread and wine and declared that it was His body and blood offered for them.  "Eat and drink," He said (Matthew 26:26-28).  Was the concept new?  Hardly!  In Psalm 34:8 we read these words, "Taste and see that the Lard is good..." And, how do we do that?  It is by trusting in Him.

At times in my life I've watched as good food was placed on the table, only to be rejected by a hungry individual who turned his (or her) nose up at it because it did not fit with his expectations (II Kings 5:11).  Food that was healthy, well prepared, well presented; which was eaten voraciously by many at the table... was yet left untouched by some picky eater whose finicky appetite hindered him.

When it comes to the offer of a heavenly gift for our good which we are to take and devour for our spiritual life and health... this is vital!  Adam and Eve directly disobeyed God by eating what He strictly forbade.  Now, here we are 6 millennia latter and what is most of humanity doing?  We now refuse to eat what He has told us TO eat... that is, so many refuse to receive the good gift of salvation.  It is a delicious and appealing dish served up on a platter of grace, dripping with the oil of the Spirit and accompanied by a tall glass of cool, clear living ice water.  But, foolish sinners seem to prefer the husks which swine eat.

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