Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 29 - A Powerful Voice

hen you speak of someone "having a powerful voice" you may be referring to the tone, quality, richness, meter, inflection, expressed feeling and even the accent of the speaker's speech?  Perhaps we can be impressed by the decibel level a person can reach or by the precise control an individual may have over his voice.  Maybe the known experience of a speaker lends particular weight to his or her words and thereby his voice carries with it greater influence.

But in Psalm 29 we are not presented with the voice of a mere man.  Here David introduces to us the voice of God!  Seven times in this ancient song David calls our attention to the voice of the Almighty.  What is it about God's voice that is most outstanding?  It wasn't the auditory aesthetics of the sound of God's voice which caused David to exult.  It was the practical impact.

When God speaks, things happen.  God's words are never void.  God said, "Let there be light," and, although there had never been light before, God's voice called it into existence as if it were as old as its Maker.  His voice is so powerful and efficacious that you can hear Him intoning truth to us from everywhere.  He whispers to us in the darkness; He shouts from the thunder.  He murmurs from the babbling brook and cries loudly from voluminous waterfalls.  Every rustle in the grass is a syllable in a message He aims straight at our hearts.  And, let's not forget, His voice is loudest and most distinct when we hear it from the pages of the Scripture.

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