Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday - Psalm 30 - In His Favor is Life

he word “favor” is a pleasant word.  Add to it the fact that God has a propensity toward showing favor toward His children; that is, He tends toward an approving attitude toward us; He naturally delights in us... and suddenly you have a reason to shout: Hallelujah!  What comfort!  But wait, the favor of God does more for us than just produce nice feelings in us.  According to Psalm 30:5, God's favor brings life.  His displeasure is appropriately fearsome (Psalm 2:5 & 6:1) and brings swift judgment... but, His favor preserves us (Psalm 30:7 & 3).

The very idea of God smiling as He watches us should make us shake our heads in wonder and amazement.  I can envision my earthly father beaming as he watches his children or grandchildren, in fact, I've seen him do it... it's a pleasant picture.  But, the hazy image in my mind of my heavenly Father smiling with satisfaction and favor as He watches me... is almost surreal.  Of course, His pleasure is a product of His own character traits, not a response to mine.  Even if He finds me doing the right things, thinking the right thoughts, saying the right words; behaving in His likeness... it's only a result of the application of His grace, so His favor demonstrates His goodness, not mine (Philippians 2:13 & Psalm 30:1).  As is often said by God's humble servants, God deserves all of the glory - He has done great things.  Our successes and our joys are a byproduct of His merciful kindness and His gracious intervention (Psalm 30:11-12).

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