Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday – 1st Chronicles 27 - Leaders in Israel

This appears to be a fairly exhaustive list of the leaders in Israel who served under King David.  There were 12 captains who served David on duty 1 month out of each year on a monthly rotation.  Each of those men had 24,000 men who were directly connected to them.

There were 12 "tribal leaders" who were also listed here, well, 13 if you include Zadok of the Aaronites... and strangely, Asher & Gad were not mentioned. Instead, Manasseh was given 2 slots due to their divided land possession on both the eastern and western sides of the Jordan River and, Levi is included too... again, twice if you include Aaron's family as an equal unit.

Additionally, David had men who were his delegates who were in charge of each category of his possessions. So there was a boss for each major area of responsibility in Israel: the treasury, the storehouses, the fields and farms, the vineyards and wine cellars, the olive trees, the sycamore trees, the oil cellars, the herds, the camels, the donkeys and the flocks of sheep.

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