Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday - 1st Chronicles 20 - God's Grace and Dead Giants

As we continue running alongside II Samuel, it is certainly noteworthy that the part from 2nd Samuel 11:2 - 12:25 and much of chapters 13 - 21 is missing from the narrative here. That section of II Samuel deals mostly with the blackest days in David's life... particularly the problems which he had in relation to Bathsheba and with Absalom.

It was certainly generous of the Holy Spirit to sum up David's great sin with just a little black dot in our English Bibles... a single dot in 1st Chronicles 20:1: the punctuation mark sitting inconspicuously after the word Jerusalem.

Now, not only was David's biggest crime left out, but the lengthy account of the painful consequences is omitted as well (specifically, Absalom's shenanigans).  This is the part of God's grace that is hardest for us to comprehend. The restoration of our relationship and fellowship with Him is one thing... but His cheerful willingness to help us abscond: amazing.   The breadth of His great grace is far beyond my feeble cognitive ability to comprehend.

So, what do we read instead? We read the account of how David and his God-fearing cohorts put an end to the rest of Goliath's wicked family. In other words, we are reminded of David-the-giant-slayer instead of David-the-wife-stealer. His victorious faith is on display, instead of his despicable failure.  Ain't God good!  And, aren't you and I SO glad that He is!

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