Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday - 1st Chronicles 17 - When David Sat Before the Lord

This passage is a repetition of the story told in 2nd Samuel 7:1 - 29.

It was David's idea to build something for God, but in the end, God built something for David instead. God has a habit of doing stuff like that.

Notice David's posture before the Lord. When Nathan the prophet had shared with David God's gracious and prohibitive message, 1st Chronicles 17:16 says that David "came and sat before the Lord" - presumably in the Tabernacle. Imagine him on his knees in the court of the Tabernacle, sitting on his feet with his hands folded in his lap and his chin bowed to his chest. That is a silhouette of humility and reverence.  It was a scene of pure and perfect worship; David communing in sweet and grateful fellowship with his Redeemer and friend... a king recognizing the extreme superiority and generosity of The King.

It is edifying to meditate upon the various positions of worship that are to be found in Scripture. The fear and reverence of several of God's children can be seen in that they lay flat on their face and stomach before Him. At the dedication of the temple, Solomon kneeled with his head bowed and is hands raised. Enoch WALKED with God. Moses STOOD before the Lord. We sing "fall on your knees" in the song O Holy Night, but instead of falling on our knees we generally just sit on our rumps. Sometimes we might do well to curl up in the fetal position in prayer as a demonstration of just how helpless we are naturally in our journey here on earth.

Whatever the position of our bodies though, we must certainly humble our hearts before our Maker if we hope to receive abundant grace from His mighty hand. He is high and holy; we should be meek and lowly (1st Chronicles 17:18 -20).

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