Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday - 1st Chronicles 23 - A Job Change

Since the days of Moses the descendants of Levi had been responsible for the service, maintenance and transportation of the Tabernacle. All of that was about to change. The time of the Tabernacle was drawing to an end and the age of the Temple was dawning.  So, David assigned new tasks to the families of Levi.

Of the 38,000 eligible Levites, 24,000 were assigned to work in the Temple, 6,000 were officers and judges, 4,000 were gatekeepers and 4,000 were worship leaders.  Or, maybe we would call them band members or orchestra members. That last number really stands out to me: David actually assigned 4,000 men to play musical instruments in praise to God!  That's some serious devotion.

God's plan for a family of Jews had remained the same for almost 500 years. Yet, the day did eventually come when God's program for that family changed. The same is true for you and me in several ways. We go through phases in our life where we are primarily assigned to certain spiritual tasks, but God can change that. And, He does sometimes change our assignments. Pastors become missionaries. Teachers become evangelists. Preachers become politicians. Wives become widows. Students become parents. Deacons become Pastors. And, God can move us from place to place; from one kind of ministry to another. But, greatest of all is the move from this life to the next.  What an improvement that will be!  Have you ever wondered what your job will be in the eternal kingdom of God?

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