Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday - Leviticus 19 – An Attempt at Purity

This is certainly a diverse passage. Much ground is covered in many directions very quickly in this list of large and small admonitions. Yet there is actually an overarching reason for all the rules. The reason is this: God is God and He is holy. Because of who He is and because of what he is like, He expects His people to fear Him and to be holy and pure in their devotion to Him.

Now, in addition to some more familiar commandments that had been expressed previously (don't steal, lie, worship idols or violate the Sabbaths), a long list of 18 sanctions was given.  Whatever we may think about these rules - they did come from God. In their time they were immovable. Thankfully we aren't under these regulations any more. I say thankfully not because we are now glad that we can do this stuff, but because the wages of sin is death. In other words, I'm thankful that we don't have to suffer the consequences of being law breakers. Despite the fact that I have indeed been guilty of disrespecting my parents, giving begrudgingly, not paying people what I owe them and judging people based upon there socioeconomic "grade" ...despite the fact that I have been a talebearer, sought vengeance, held grudges, cut the corners of my beard, failed to respect my elders and certainly have treated strangers with disdain - I am not under condemnation. God is still God & He is still holy, but now God's person and His character are respected and even elevated through Christ. The purity that was then pursued hopelessly is now possessed freely as a gift of (and from) God.

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